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When I think of Hunter Hayes, I don’t think of his good looks or charm. Or how famous he is and make sure I know every word to every song. No. When I think of Hunter Hayes. I think of hope. I think of how he is God given gift that walked into my life when I needed it the most. He brought me hope. He brought me closer to my faith in God and made me have faith in myself. He was always that one person I could count on when things were going horrible wrong. He brought me the spirit of music. And watching interviews of him, and not knowing exactly what he meant by “music is a spirit” and “music was my best friend” till it clicked. More than once I have gone to music, especially Hunter’s music, and got lost in the meaning of it. I can’t thank Hunter enough for saving me, in every way a person can be saved. He is my beacon of light. He is my hope. He is the spirit in my music. He is my Hunter Hayes.

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